TITLE: Shadows from the Past

TAGLINE: The Past came Haunting

AUTHOR: Dúródolá, Oláwálé. Y

GENRE: Romance

YEAR OF PUBLICATION: 1st Edition 2017

Revised Edition 2020


Raymond loved Tina and he was willing to throw everything away just to be with her. His family has stood against the union on the account that Tina is likely a gold digger who is probably after their wealth.

After all battles seem to have been won, an ugly secret from an ugly past would rear its head on their wedding day and jeopardize all that they have built.

Download the First Edition of Shadows from the Past

Download the revised edition of Shadows from the Past here

One thought on “SHADOWS FROM THE PAST (ebook)

  • September 10, 2020 at 2:56 pm

    where can I download the full e-book


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